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    Bible Connections
 Our stories are based on real people from the Bible. The author has brought their stories to life by providing historical context.
Jewel of Canaan is set in about 1350 B.C. Canaan, a time when Israel was struggling to obey God's laws while surrounded by pagan idol worship.  The story is based on the Book of Judges, Chapters 4-5. 
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Star of Persia is based on the Book of Esther, Chapters 1-8. The story is set in about 478 Persia after the many of the exiled Israelites had returned to their homeland. Esther's family chose to stay. 
Finding the King is set in the second decade of the first century A.D. Joanna is mentioned twice in the Gospel of Luke; Chapter 8:1-3 and Chapter 24:10. 
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