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Why The Brave Beauty Series?
About Marion  Gunderson

Marion has always enjoyed stories. As a girl, she was a weekly visitor to the public library, especially during the summer months. The Nancy Drew stories were her favorites. 
When she wasn't reading on the front porch glider, young Marion spent her summers roaming the wild areas near home. She would sometimes bring animals home for observation (much to her mother's dismay). Her interest in nature led her to Central Michigan University where she earned BS and MS degrees in biology and taught it in a high school and more recently at a local college. 

In writing the Brave Beauty Books, Marion enjoyed researching the plants, animals, culture, and geography of ancient Israel and Persia so that the depictions of the settings would be authentic. 

Marion lives in North Carolina where she enjoys her family and friends, a chihuahua mix dog and a 20-year-old cat, plus the many wild birds that visit the back yard feeders. She is a children's teacher at her church. 

​A few years ago, Marion was shopping for dolls for her two preschool granddaughters. She noticed that some dolls were all about their trappings; clothes, hair, cars, houses, etc. Others had an immodest look about them--fishnet stockings, miniskirts, revealing tops, sultry expressions. 

Marion thought little girls needed dolls that represented good character, so she bought doll forms and dressed them as Old Testament heroes  Deborah and Esther. Jewel of CanaanStar  of Persia and Finding the King are based on the Holy Scriptures and adapted for young readers.  

        Deborah Doll          Esther Doll
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