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Jewel of Canaan 
Deborah is a maiden living in ancient Canaan, Israel's Promised Land. Her people are oppressed by a greedy king whose army steals the people's crops, and sometimes their children. Will Deborah's village be next? Deborah faces challenges she could never imagine. Buy Jewel of Canaan
Star of Persia 
The story of Esther, a young woman living in ancient Persia, a land of palaces and intrigue. For Esther, it becomes a place that threatens her survival. She must make a life and death decision that will decide the fate of her people. Esther's story one of the triumph of good over evil. Buy Star of Persia
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First the Jewel. 
Then the Star. 
At last the King.
 Finding the King completes  a centuries long story that solves  life's biggest mysteries. The answers are seen through the eyes of a beautiful young  woman named Joanna.  Buy Finding the King
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